Peace Movement Documentary Film Screening

場地Place; 居留權大學(專上學生聯會) ROAU University (HKFS)

演員包括; 高橋,甘仔

電影2;紀錄片”311地震改變我”- 64歳女人頭一次參加遊行
作者; 松原明

高橋信之; 亞洲和平協會 主席

Film1; Documentary Record of 16th visit to China, Nanjing and Hong Kong
Cast include Gokiu and Kam Chiai
Made by; Kobe – Nanjing Heart to Heart Union
Directed by; YUMOTO, Masanori, Video Journalist
Film length ; 41minutes

Film2: “3.11 Changed Me” Documentary on
64 years Old Lady First Time participated in Demonstration
Directed by: MATSUBARA, Akira
Film lenth; 31minutes

Franco Mella of Catholic Justice and Peace Commission
TAKAHASHI, Nobuyuki, Chairperson of Asia Peace Front

感想文 Film Review; (1) 電影1 Film1 (2) 電影2 Film2 

(1) 看了使人如同回到1937年如同親眼看到自己的親人在受那種不是人待人的場景真是必憤填應但是坐在我們 眼的人是友好來使 (日本)。我們都愛和平不要戰爭要友好要團結。
(2) 天災人禍無可奈可,友好,幫助,能度難關。
(1)映画を見ていると1937年当時に自分たちの親戚が人を人と思わぬ扱いを受けた現場に連れ戻されるようで怒 りが湧いてきました。しかし私たちが目にしている人たちは日本から友好に来た人たちです。私たちも平和を 愛し、 戦争をしてはならず、友好を保ち、連帯が必要です。
(2) 天災、人災はいかんともしがたいですが、友好、助け合いで困難を乗り越えられるでしょう。
(1)As if the film brought us back to 1937 where our close relatives suffered  inhumane deeds to cause my indignation over injustice. However the persons in  our  eyes are the visitors from Japan came for friendship. We also love peace,  must not  cause war, should maintain friendship and solidarity.
(2)Natural and man made disaster have no way out, but with friendship and mutual aid  will make possible to break the barrier.
六十九歳的青島出世女人 69歳の青島出身の女性の方 69yrs. old lady from Tsingtao

Corrupt Power of States May Open War, But People’s Friendship Can Develop Peace
郭達年 Len Guo

(1)I appreciate you making an effort. I hope more youngsters study truth of Nanjing Massacre.
(2)I hope this lady will succeed her struggle to win Zero nuclear plant.

(1)I don’t know the idea of general Japanese citizens against long term discord between China and Japan. The matters already occurred in the past cannot change. Other than cling to the history we Chinese and Japanese are possible harmonize without strife for positive life.

(1)It’s inspiring that this group of Japanese friends has tried for so many years to expose the truth of what happened in Nanjing at that time. We have to be aware of what happened in the past to prevent similar atrocities in the future. It has been a series of pilgrimages for peace and justice in Japan as well as in China. Let’s hope that all the people and groups of good will will unite in the same effort of establishing good relationship among nations. Let’s keep in touch no matter whether in China, in Hong Kong or in Japan. Let’s hope that the stupid tensions between China and Japan in recent times will ease at soon as possible. Let’s ask the two countries to take care of the environment and phase out all the nuclear plants. Let’s struggle for internationalism, for a new world without boundaries between nations and nations. Let’s work for PEACE!
甘浩望神父 フランコ・メラ神父 Franco Mella

(1)Image of Japan by HK citizens are mainly through Japanese mainstream media, therefore breath of the people are not well transmitted. On the contrary independent video journalist YUMOTO, Masanori’s film lively convey the hope of citizens to create peace future through facing history and sanding by victims. Activities of “Kobe–Nanjing Heart to Heart Union” is becoming stepping stone of peace among citizens of China, Hong Kong and Japan.
(2)This film is directed by MATSUBARA,Akira, Bureau of Labor Net Japan. The picture let us know how Japanese citizens changed after unprecedented earthquake and incident of nuclear power plant. It is disgusting that Japanese police intimidating peace demonstration. I hope voice of Ms. MATSUBARA, Junko and people participating in demonstration with courage may also heard in the world.
高橋信之 TAKAHASHI, Nobuyuki