The Targeted Village


 ■Notes Takae,

Okinawa. As residents resist the construction of helipads that threaten to encircle their village, they are indicated by their government for obstructin. We come to know the shocking truth that during the Vietnam War, Takae villagers were forced to participate in U.S. guerilla warfare training exercises as proxies for Vietnamese villagers. In their struggle against the deployment of the Osprey helicopter, Okinawans completely blockaded the Futenma base. Nevertheless, the aircraft was deployed as planned. Produced by Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting, this film is a direct statement of the Okinawan people’s sadness and fury before the American and Japanese states.


■Short Synopsis

In Okinawa, the people of Takae village are convicted by the Japanese government for obstructing traffic in their struggle against the construction of new helipads. Their story embodies U.S. military strategy dating back to the Vietnam War, the blocking of the gates to the Futenma base, and their town’s rage against their state.


raging land : the way to the village(Part 1)
+ 被瞄準的村落:遭國家起訴的東村高江住民
標的の村| the targeted village

29/10 (sat)

5:00 pm

菜園新村new choi yuen village
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標的の村| the targeted village

2/11 (wed)

7:30 pm

香港獨立媒體 hong kong inmedia

 第十四屆香港社會運動電影節 the 14th hong kong social movement film festival


■Credits (in the order of family name-given name)

Director: Mikami Chie 三上智恵

Photography: Terada Toshiki, QAB News Team 寺田俊樹、QAB 報道部

Editing: Terada Toshiki, Niigaki Yasuyuki 寺田俊樹、新垣康之

Sound: Kida Hiroshi 木田洋

Music: Uechi Masaaki 上地正昭

Executive Producer: Kakazu Asao 賀数朝夫

Producer: Jahana Takashi 謝花尚

Production Company, Source:

QAB Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 琉球朝日放送

Interinational contact: TOFOO, LLC. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Original title: 標的の村 ( Hyoteki no Mura ) Website: JAPAN / 2013 / Japanese, English / Colour, B&W / Blu-ray / 91min / Docmentary (c) QAB Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation



HK~Takae Okinawa International Solidarity Movement