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第十屆香港社會運動電影節  The 12th HK Social Movement Film Festival

2014年 10 - 11月  Oct. to Nov.

 開幕電影提供作品 Presented Films for the Opening Event


像個人, 活下去!  國勞冬故事

「人らしく生きよう 国労冬物語」

採訪, 攝影, 監製: 松原明 佐々木有美 放映時間 100分鐘

主題歌 田中哲朗


Be More Human - Kokuro’s 15-Year Struggle

Interview, Camera, Editing: MATSUBARA, Akira  SASAKI, Yumi    Airtime: 100 minutes

Theme Song  TANAKA, Tetsuro 


Oct. 4th (Opening) : 唐三,    Nov. 19th: 獨立媒體 In Media


現在重新問一次!   什麽是像人一樣活著?   什麽是工會?   什麽是同伴?




 國勞鬥爭團和家族人抗爭「像個人, 活下去!」


 在國鐵分拆私有化的猛烈攻擊中, 沒有違背自己良心的人們的故事


      被解僱的1047人, 13年來持續鬥爭

國鐵在1987年4月被分拆私有化成為JR. 當時很多被剝奪工作而煩惱傷心, 走投無路而自殺者接近200人. 國鐵當局猛烈攻擊了國鐵內的最大工會, 反對分拆私有化的國勞. 曾有20萬人的國勞現在變成了2萬6千人的工會. 即使如此, 誰也無法剝奪要他們要像人活下去的決心.


                                         Fired 1047 Workers Continuing Struggle for More than 13 Years

Japan National Railways had been forced transform to Japan Railways in April 1987 by privatization and split up. At that time many people were deprived of jobs and get bruised. About 200 workers were forced to commit suicide. Head of JNR brutally attacked biggest labor union in JNR, Kokuro which against privatization and split up. 200,000 members of Kokuro were decreased to  2,6000 members of minority union. Management of JNR, however, could not deprived of their heart trying to live a humane life. 



咗久間忠夫先生(68歲) : 14歲入職國鐵, 當鶴見線電車司機25年. 因分拆私有化被調離工作送往「人材活用中心」, 後被解僱。 1047個解僱者中最年長的一位.

山田則雄先生(51歳):從鐵路維修的工作被調往士多10年. 現在正身處「隔離職場」.

大谷英貴先生(43歳):因不願退出國勞, 被JR拒絕聘用繼而被解僱, 成為北海道留萌鬥爭團的成員, 與同伴一起自我謀生並鬥爭著.


                                                                            Main Characters

Mr. SAKUMA, Tadao (68) : Joined Japan National Railways in age 14, and worked as a driver at Tsurumi Line for 25 years.   Because of privatization and split up deprived of job and sent to "human resources utilization center" and laid off. Eldest person among 1047 of workers being disemployed.  

Mr. YAMADA, Norio (51) : Deprived of job of maintenance on railroad and worked at station stand for 10 years. Now have   been sent to isolated working place.

Mr. OTANI, Hidetaka(43) : Not hired by privatized JR since denied to leave Kokuro and disemployed.  Continuing struggle and self-support with associates as a member of Hokkaido Rumoi Tosodan. 


                                                                預告片(日語)  Trailer in Japanese


                                             Trailer of The 12th HK Social Movement Film Festival (English)


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