Lee Ka Sing have Assets, Dockers Have Fairness and Peoples Support

Support Dockers Rally Surround CKH then arrived HK Goverment

1. 資方立即與工會談判
2. 尊嚴勞動,合理加薪
3. 立法落實集體談判權

Fellow Dockers Request Now;
1Management Side Must Negociate with Union Immedietly
2 Respect Work and Reasonable Wage Hike
3 Legalize Rights of Collective Bargening

Background HK Dockers Staging Strike


「怪獸」(輪式龍門架起重機)操作員被困在高空駕駛艙12小時禁閉式工作,邊開工邊吃飯。 貨櫃碼頭是香港重要經濟支柱,但本月19日有貨櫃車司機疑因長時間工作,猝死車上。這宗意外原來只是冰山一角,在香港葵涌貨櫃碼頭工作的所有員工,長年被疲勞折磨,生命每日都懸於一線。

操作員吃飯要在高空,小便也要在高空解決。 阿成登上68呎高(約八層樓)的怪獸後,便開始長達12小時的禁閉式工作。駕駛艙猶如一個高空監倉,既孤獨又恐怖,他的腳下除了一塊透明膠片阻隔外,就是令人膽寒的高空。長達12個的小時超時工作,但鐵倉裏的阿成只賺到一份微薄收入。



職工盟香港碼頭職工會組織幹事何偉航稱,為碼頭工人向外判公司爭取福利極困難。「好似H.I.T(香港國際碼頭)有好多間外判公司,最大問題係H.I.T想慳錢,外判工作畀好多間外判公司,慳咗管理人手,佢可以畀一舊錢外判公司,等佢哋自己請工人搞掂」。他說由於外判公司不會理會職工盟訴求,他們只好直接上H.I.T表達,但亦不獲理會。 「碼頭係一個九反地帶,裏面發生意外,勞工處唔會知,佢哋又冇休息時間,冇食飯時間,搞到啲工友都疲於奔命」。…


Sharp Daily : Hell of Fatigue in Container Terminal

Harbor crane controller have to work in high sky for 12 hours locked-in in condition that taking meal while working. Container terminal is important pillar for HK economy, however death of container car driver on January 19th is suspected caused by working long hours. Although this is just a tip of the iceberg as all of workers in Hong Kong Kwai Chung container terminal are suffering from long term accumulation of fatigue forcing them to threat life every day.

Crane controller have to take meal in high sky, have to take piss in high sky
After A-Sing ride 68 feet (about 8th floor building) crane, start long hour work which may reach 12 hours. Working in cabin is like a high sky ward to make him feel loneliness and horror as his bellow the foot there is nothing else than a plastic plate forcing him to endure scare from high altitude. Although long hour work may reach 12 hours, A-Sing inside the iron hatch can get only a smallest peace out of total profit.

Asking Workers for 8 hours Overtime Job
At the noon time lunch box car start distributing lunch box. A-Sing throw the rope from the cabin then pull up the rope which end bonded with lunch box, then he can take meal only simultaneously doing his job to prove bad working condition. “Alas! It likes as if selling myself as a slave, selling time for this industry. Contract clearly indicate to work in three shifts, one shift is 470 HK$ for my salary. But the outsourcing company wants to cut costs to rather give me additional 4~8 hours overwork, but never employ more staff nor increase salary. As you seen me, even holding the lunch box but no time to eat. During the job I have to put lunch box on the floor till the job stops.”

Kwai Chung Container Terminal
Outsourcing is abusing workers to the limit
It is said Kwai Chung Container Terminal has 9 docks managed by many companies which crane controllers and container car drivers exceeds 5,000. The companies to increase profit by cutting cost, most of these workers are outsourced by two to three contractors. CTU, continuously struggling for workers rights, told already sent out letters to many container terminal companies asking improvement of working conditions but never been respected. Organizing Secretary of CTU HK Dockers Union Ho Wai Hong told to secure workers welfare of outsourcing company is extremely difficult. “Biggest problem is that H.I.T wants to cut costs by contracting with so many outsourcing company. To cut management costs, H. I. T. hire outsourcing company with some money to solve their employment issue.”He told that because outsourcing company do not respond to request of CTU, only way is to directly negotiate with H. I. T. , but it still did not worked yet. “Dock is a disorderly place, even accident happened, not known to labor department, workers do not have time for wrest, no eating time and fellow workers rushing till suffer with fatigue”…
Sharp Daily 2013年1月28日