抗擊官商霸權 捍衛尊嚴生活

The Internationale, Unites the human race!

● 設立集體談判權
● 立法標準工時、加班補水
● 最低工資一年一檢
● 推行低收入生活補貼
● 支持家務工國際公約
● 實施全民退休保障

We deman as follows:
● Establish workers rights of collective bargening
● Legalize standard working hours and overtime work payments
● Every year review for increase minimum wage law
● Guarantee livelihood of low income people
● Support international convention for domestic workers
● Enforce universal retirement protection scheme

● 団体交渉権の確立
● 標準労働時間と残業手当の法制化
● 最低賃金法は毎年一度増額へ検証
● 低収入所得者の生活保障
● 家庭内労働者の国際公約を支持
● 全民退休保障の実施


官商霸權無處不在 香港官商勾結情況令人髮指,政府只顧向財團輸送利益,漠視基層正處於通脹水深火熱之中。政府一直拒絕恢復集體談判權,令勞資關係越趨不平等。去年不少大財團盈利大幅上升,但打工仔女只是加得「雞碎咁多」。不少基層工友,包括外藉家務工,仍然面對長工時低工資的苦況,經濟繁榮無份分享。樓價越來越貴,政府卻為保地產商利益,拒絕復建居屋,基層市民被迫繼續「捱貴租」。

「官富民窮」政府只懂做守財奴 政府坐擁逾2萬億元財政儲備,卻只管做「守財奴」,不願制訂長遠措施減輕貧窮問題。以交通津貼為例,為省數十億元的開支,政府堅持必須以家庭為申請單位,令數以萬計的低薪工友失去申領資格。另外,民間團體要求政府拿出500億元推行全民退休保障,政府一直充耳不聞,對人口老化束手無策。房屋、醫療、教育及社會福利全部面對資源短缺問題,政府卻只懂派錢,令人氣憤。

齊上街捍衛尊嚴生活 我們已經忍受夠官商霸權的欺壓,香港必須實行公平公義的社會制度。政府要有長遠承擔,照顧基層工人、長者、弱勢社群,而不是只懂向財團拋媚弄眼。我們要公平合理的財富分配,而不是一味延續肥上瘦下的剝削。是時候站出來了,讓我們携手捍衛尊嚴生活!(職工盟)

Economy showed recovery, however, under the collusion between the government and the capital, livelihood of grass root people is not yet improved. In launching for May day HKCTU advocate workers and grass root citizens together to come out street to appeal NO to the collusion between the government and the capital and to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor.

Domination of collusion between government and capital The collusion between the government and the capital, benefiting only big business, is neglecting grass root citizens to leave in severe inflation, only to provoke public outrage. The government thoroughly neglecting restoration of workers rights of collective bargaining to make labor-management relations rather unfair. Quite a few big business made huge gain in profit last year, however, workers can only increase just a chicken feed. Quite a few friends of grass root workers including foreign domestic workers confronting long working hours and low wages alienated from economic prosperity. House rental is skyrocketing but the government is only keen to protect profit of developers and big business. For this reason the government rejected to build public housing for house ownership scheme to suffer grass root citizens with higher rental costs of housing.

Officer become rich but people in poverty The government has piled up HK$ 2 trillion of financial reserves , however, they only becoming miser and lacking in long term policies to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. Traffic fee assistance for an example, the government restricted application qualification to family bases to cut HK$ several billions of expenditure results in 10s of thousands of friends of low income workers losing chance of application. In addition the government is thoroughly rejecting to listen to the voice of civil organization asking for spending HK$ 50 billion for universal retirement protection scheme showing inability of the government to tackle issue of aging population. Public housing, Medical care, education and social welfare are facing shortage of the government expenditure. On the other hand the government is trying to make the money fly in conciliation purpose results in provoking public outrage.

Together come out to defend dignity of livelihood We have long been under heavy pressure of the collusion between the government and the capital. Hong Kong is now time to enforce equal and fair social system. The government must not curry favor with big business but bear long term responsibility to serve for grass root workers, elderly and socially disadvantaged people. (HKCTU)


財官癒着の支配 政府が財閥のみに利益誘導を行う香港の財官癒着は、一方で香港の草の根市民を無視しインフレの生活苦に放置し、人々の憤慨を買っています。政府は一貫して労働者の団体交渉権の回復を拒絶し、労使関係はますます不平等になっています。去年は多くの財閥が大幅利益増を計上する一方、労働者は「鶏のえさ」が増える程度にすぎません。多くの草の根労働者の友は、外国人家内労働者を含め、長時間低賃金を余儀なくされ、経済の繁栄から疎外されています。家賃は高騰する一方、政府は地場デベロッパーの利益を守るため、公共住宅の入居者が低価格で自宅を購入できる居屋の建設を拒絶し、草の根市民は高い家賃に苦しめられています。

「官は富み民は窮まる」政府は守銭奴になることしか能がない 政府は二万億香港ドルの財政貯蓄をため込んでいるが、「守銭奴」となるだけで、貧富の格差解消に向けた長期的な措置を取る意思がありません。交通費補助を例にとっても、政府は数十億香港ドルの支出を削減するため申請資格を家庭単位に限定し、数万人の低所得労働者の友から申請資格を奪っています。さらに全民退休保障に500億香港ドルの支出を市民団体が要求したことに政府は一貫して聞く耳を持たず人口の老齢化に対して全く無策です。公共住宅、医療、教育、社会福祉がことごとく政府支出の不足に直面しています。にもかかわらず政府は、短期的に民意を抱き込むための現金をばら撒くしか能がなく市民の義憤を買っています。

共に街を歩き尊厳のある生活を守ろう 私たちはもう嫌というほど財官癒着の抑圧を受けてきました。香港は公平で公正な社会制度を施行しなければなりません。政府は財閥に色目を使うだけでなく、長期的な責任を持ち、草の根労働者・高齢者・社会的弱者のために尽くさなければならなりません。(職工盟)