US must stop all military operations contaminating world with war


War cannot solve anything – Give peace a chance
Days ago NATO bombed 9 Afghan children gathering firewood
US must fulfill accountability of Iraq war responsibility to the world
Stop occupation of Palestine by Israel backed by US military
Cut world’s military budget to solve world’s poverty issue

戦争では何も解決でない - 平和にチャンスを

美國總統奧巴馬先生 收


美國約翰霍普金斯大學的研究報告指出, 2006年止這場戰爭就殺害了65萬5仟伊拉克人,包括兒童、婦女及老年人。


阿富汗戰爭的形勢越來越差。去年你命令增兵3萬美軍,而聯合國阿富汗支助團(UNAMA)的調查是,同年阿富汗的平民死亡增到這場戰爭的最多人數2,777名。阿富汗人權觀察組織(Afghanistan Rights Monitor)亦報導,去年上半年的每一天就有6個平民被殺和8人受傷,難民高達數百萬。本月第一天NATO轟炸就殺害了9名兒童,他們只是12歲以下撿柴火的小童。



1. 軍事不能帶來和平,戰爭不能解決一切問題,不要全球性軍事行動,它只會在世界播下戰爭種子。
2. 美國政府必須調查伊拉克戰爭違返性並向全世界解釋。
3. 美國軍隊必須立即撤出伊拉克和阿富汗。
4 停止包圍加沙,以色列必須承認獨立的巴勒斯坦國,並相互承認和平共處之權利。


1 携手建立非軍事化和平的亞洲!
2 深切哀悼日本東北地震和海嘯受害人。
3 本會日本成員表示衷心感謝於世界和中國香港市民支持日本災民。

亞洲和平協會 2011年3月20日

To US President Barack Obama

On this day eight years ago, your US government started war against Iraq telling “possessing mass destructive weapons” and “related with al-Qaeda”. Although US government herself already admitted these excuse are not true. Majority of people around the world admitting this is a clear blatant violation of international law. If you insist we are wrong, your Consulate officer must explain to HK citizens here and now at this moment. Research by Johns Hopkins University in the US reported 655 thousands of Iraqis including civilian of children, women and elderly were killed during the war by 2006. Nowadays not just world common people but also governments and related institutions even in the US allied countries, one after another, verifying illegality of the war. Iraq Inquiry in UK examining its illegality and British Deputy Prime Minister publicly clarified the war is illegal, and in Netherlands Committee of Inquiry on Iraq concluded invasion has "no basis in international law."

The situation of war in Afghanistan is also getting from bad to worth. Because you ordered to increase dispatch 30 thousands more US army last year, in the same year victims of Afghan civilians soared to 2,777 highest during the war according to UNAMA. Afghanistan Rights Monitor also reported that every one day in upper half of last year civilians mostly six were killed and 8 were injured. Refugees reached to millions. On the first of this month by bombing of NATO killed nine children at once who were all under 12 during picking up woods.

Occupation of Palestine and siege of Gaza is becoming more aggressive by Israel government supported by the US military. Up to this moment Israel government is showing no sign of sincere response against international community pursued responsibility on violating international human right law and international humanitarian law in relation with Gaza war two years ago and usage of force on peace flotilla in humanitarian mission a year ago. On the contrary, supported by the US, they are intending to increase the settlement in Palestine. Gaza is under siege by Israel forces and Gaza residents, whose 85% are under poverty line, cannot access to daily necessaries and even medical supplies.

Enough is enough. We will appeal to the world that “War cannot solve anything” in 21st century which in line with United nation charter and international human right law of prohibiting act of war to solve the problems between the nations.

1 Military cannot make peace and the war cannot solve anything. Stop global military operations which only sows seeds of war  in the world.
2 US government yourself must conduct Iraq Inquiry and fulfill accountability to the world.
3 US military must go out from Iraq and Afghanistan right now.
4 End siege of Gaza and Israel must acknowledge independent state of Palestine, and make both mutually recognize right to   exist for coexistence.

At the same time we appeal to the public.
1 Construct Asia with peace and demilitarization!
2 Extend our condolence to victims of earthquake in East Japan.
3 Japanese member of Asia Peace Front express heartfelt gratitude to the aid and support from people in China HK and the  world.
Asia Peace Front Mar. 20th , 2011

米国政府 オバマ大統領宛書簡





一 軍事力で平和は創れず戦争で何も解決することはできない。世界に戦争の種をまくグローバルな軍事的策動をただちに止める    こと。
二 アメリカ政府自身がイラク戦争の検証を行い世界に説明責任を果たせ。
三 米軍は今すぐイラク・アフガニスタンから徹底すること。
四 ガザの封鎖を解き、イスラエルはパレスチナの主権国家を承認し、相互に生存権を認め共存させること。


1 非軍事化・平和のアジアを共につくろう。
2 東日本日本大震災の犠牲者に心から哀悼の意を表します。
3 アジア平和協会の日本人メンバーは中国香港市民及び世界から寄せられた日本の震災支援に深謝いたします。
アジア平和協会 2011年3月20日