香港政府提倡「小政府大市場」=新自由主義的政策已經失敗了在美歐日及其他國家結果引起世界經濟深刻危機。因為「小政府」輕視社會保障、医療、教育,所以個人消費衰落,因此市場不能成為大的。香港也個人消費占用生產總值的六成,换言之社會保障等直接支援家庭生計的政府開支先致能够支撐整体經濟。 但是香港政府的社會保障開支,佔生產總值的比率是世界最低在中人均國內生產總值相同或香港以上的國家。社會保障是人權。這個是人民的權利,但是本地政府和財團企圖社會保障使墮落致「關愛」的對象,證明落後世界民眾運動的趨勢。國際人權公約規定人人有權,人的尊嚴相當的生活水準及接受社會保障。我們要追求政府逃避責任,收回在香港基本法約定的權利,規定適用這個國際人權公約。

“Small government and big market”=neo-liberalism advocated by HK Government has been already failed in the US, Europe, Japan and other countries bringing world economy into serious crisis. Since “small government” disvalue social security, medical care and education, cause downturn in personal consumption only end with small market. Personal consumption of Honk Kong counts 60% of GDP, in other words government’s expenditure directly supports household budgets as such social security can only support overall economy. However expenditure of social security in HK, in percentage of total GDP, is lowest in the world among nations with same or above HK in per capita GDP. Social security is human rights. It is rights of people, although Hong Kong government and big corporations devaluing social security as an object of care and concern to prove lagging behind world trend of peoples movements. International Covenants on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights advocates adequate living standard in dignity of human being and rights of social security. We have to pursuer abdication of responsibility by HK government to claim back our rights which stipulated in HK basic law endorsing this ICECSR.





1 Comprehensive review on CSSA to increase payment for recipient in accordance with inflation in standard rate, rental   allowance and financial assistance for student and children.
2 Improve regulation to receive CSSA by easing qualification of staying more than 7 years.
3 Increasing allowance for low income family adding more than 100 dollars to existing rate of 600 dollars.
4 Review level of minimum wage as soon as possible to increase more then 33 dollars.


1 総合社会保障援助の標準金、家賃補助、児童の学習補助などの インフレに見合う大幅増額を全面検討すること。
2 総合社会保障援助の定住七年の受給資格を緩和させること。
3 低収入家庭の補助金を600ドルから100ドル以上増加させること。
4 できるだけ早く最低賃金の水準を33ドル以上に検討すること。