以史為鑑  ,   面向未來  ,   建立世界和平



Japan observe Article 9 and China proceed disarmament
to attain demilitarization and peace in Asia



Reflect lesson of history, construct peace community
Apologize and compensate for military currency and other war victims
Build a bond with Japanese citizens who supporting Article nine
Proceed disarmament both in China and Japan to construct
demilitarization and peace in Asia
War cannot solve anything, achieve world peace







亞洲和平協會 2010年12月12日

Leave in mirror of invasion 74 years ago happened in Nanjin is important for mankind not to commit crime of war again and build future in peace. Revisit basic principle of constitution article 9, prohibited act of war by Japan in reflection on her historical responsibility, is necessary also for Japan herself to reborn by enhancing human right education and social welfare. Beating off plot by ruling class of the sates by continuous steady effort for peace would bring conformity of interests of grass root people beyond the border.

The case against Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. on transportation for forced labor during the war, the court case supported and participated by Japanese lawyer, Chinese victims, Japanese citizens, Chinese citizens and also citizens from HK citizens all together struggling for 11 years eventually won reconciliation in October last year made the company admit historical responsibility to apologize and make compensation. And in October this year the victims and claimant jointly inaugurated cenotaph constructed in Yasuno Hiroshima which carved “hope friendship between China and Japanese people will pass from generations to generations”.

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank is also demanded by international society to admit historical responsibility on issuing military currency under the predecessor’s name of Yokohama Shokin Bank during occupation of HK. And the bank must accelerate Japanese government to make law to implement compensation and apology toward victims.

Japanese right wings are not derived from nature of the race but from political interest of US-Japan ruling class hiring and fostering them by money. Their aim is to add fuel to the fire on racial hatred dividing China, Japan and Asian peoples to enhance global presence of the US and benefit its follower of Japanese ruling class and military industries. Therefore Chinese citizens has no necessary to be manipulated by pathetic and naïve provocation by those Japanese right wings which may also come out in future. On the contrary it is more effective to link arms with Japanese social movements of majority Japanese citizens who are supporting article nine prohibiting act of war and possession of military, and in opposing position against those right wings, to promote world peace movement in solidarity to chase up militarist and surrounding them by international opinion.

The efforts of solving historical issue may persuade international society and expand supporters and empathy in Japan only when regarding it as an issue of internationally recognized universal value of human right. Although also in China, in case, accelerating anti-nation and anti-race movement, conversely may encourage Japanese right wings and risk slip into opposite direction to solve historical issue. Trap here is not only Japanese right wings but also inside Chinese communist party exists similar trend. After Liu Xiaobo won Nobel peace prize, it is unavoidable that international opinion supporting China becoming democratic state, although authoritarian group inside CCP attempting to further strengthen and continue one party dictatorship by inflaming “anti-Japan”, false patriotism and military tension. For democracy in China, it is rather necessary to reflect majority of people’s demand in budget to cut military expense to use for diminishing poverty gap, increasing public education, environment protection, medical care and social securities.

Let’s develop empathy between China HK citizens and wide spectrum of progressive peace and social movements in Japanese which supporting Article 9 and apology and compensation for war victims. As it has been materialized in 2005 at HK hosted anti WTO gathering, interest of workers and masses in Asia and in world is in common. Borders of the nations is not a line but a space to create new things. Let expand progressive peace community!

Asia Peace Front Dec. 12th, 2010






アジア平和協会 2010年12月12日