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1      停止重啟鹿兒島縣川內及福井縣高濱的核電廠

2      尊重受災者及居民意見,停止所有核電廠之重啟

3      虛心傾聽接受日本及世界追求核歸零的訴求

   發起團體:         亞洲和平協會          香港九条の会       協辦:       香港中文大學學生會


                                              4th Anniversary of Fukusima Nuclear Disaster

International Signature Campaign Against Restart of Nuclear Power Plant


It has been 4 years since the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant shocked the world. Within Fukushima prefecture 120 thousands of residents are still now forced refuge life, and because difficulty of life during evacuation nationwide deaths of 3,194 citizens, mainly Fukushima residents, had been counted.


Problem of contaminated water by radio activity is also serious. As a student of City University of HK pleaded “ Please take action on the nuclear power plant. Concern of the health of the people of the world.” during international signature campaign, the problem is no longer not just about Japan.


Regardless of suspicion on violating Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution, restart of nuclear power plants will run counter to international public opinion concerning environment and peace. Neglecting majority voice within Japan against restart of nuclear power plant is nothing short of neglecting conscience of Asia and the world.


Spread of diagnosis of thyroid cancer among children in Fukushima is also causing concern in international society. After the disaster the fact of stop of all nuclear power plants did not cause any shortage in electric power supply is proving the truth that  decommissioning of all power plants won’t be an obstacle to sufficient Japanese power supply.


It stands to reason that majority of Japanese people against restart of nuclear power plants and support  decommissioning. Peoples’ movement for Nuclear Zero (Total decommissioning of reactors) is at the same time representing conscience of Asia and the world.


In solidarity with Nuclear Zero movement in Japan, through this signature campaign we demand to Japanese Government;


1       Do not restart power plants in Sendai in Kagoshima Prefecture and Takahama in Fukui Prefecture

2       Respect plea of victims and residents and stop restart of all nuclear power plants in Japan..

3       Listen humbly and accept voice of people in Japan and the world asking Nuclear Zero.

      Asia Peace Front                Article 9 Association in HK        Student Union of HKCU


















1 鹿児島県川内と福井県高浜の原発を再稼働させないこと。

2 被災者や住民の意見を尊重しすべての再稼働を取り止めること。

3 日本と世界の原発ゼロを求める声に謙虚に耳を傾け受け入れること。

 呼びかけ団体:   アジア平和協会        香港9条の会          協力:     香港中文大学学学生自治会 


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